Toby Armstrong

Toby used to sing with the NYCGB (that’s the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, not the New York City Gas Board as someone once suggested).
He now acts at the vocal tutor of the HCYC (that’s Hampshire County Youth Choir) and is a member of the London-based choir Chantage.┬áHe makes very deep resonant noises.

Shoe size
Favourite steak
Favourite beer
Toughie, probably Fuller’s Honeydew
Favourite bands
Genesis, Crowded House, King Crimson, U2, Ticklin the Pickle
Living with Rupert :P, reality TV, dodgy cover versions (our stuff excepted, of course!)

Rupert Thomas

Devastatingly handsome and tolerably high pitched; no, wait, that should read “devastatingly high-pitched and only tolerably handsome.” Will work for real ale or smutty pictures; accepts bribes if paid in single malt past the age of majority. Used to sell expensive shoes and expensive sofas, trained to be a teacher but is currently working in NHS records.

Shoe size
42 (British size!)
Favourite fish
Personal Ambition
To arrange Spem in Alium for 5 voices…

Nick Dyer

Nick is a first class bass-player, whose life is currently occupied by looking after his little boy.

Shoe size

Jon Dyer

Jon competes with Nick for the spot of the second-most-prodigious arranger of the group, with a comfortable lead over Rupert. Now married to the lovely Rachel, he is counting down the days until retirement.

Shoe size
9-and-a-half. Fairly average I think
Favourite food
Moules Mariniere, Cottage Pie
Favourite drink
Probably a nice glass of Rioja, although also partial to Weiss Beer
Political inclinations
Not sure there’s anyone decent anymore…somewhere left to central, or is that something else…
Computers, Films, Music, Boardgames. I can be extremely competitive, which is why no one will play with me – apart from Rachel!
Not much really – I tend to like most things…except Creme Caramel

Alex Henderson

Alex arranges most of the music for Live Noise, but nobody quite knows what he does for a living. It’s probably very interesting, though. Obsessive about food, drink, and sharpening his collection of expensive kitchen knives. Has terrible handwriting and jumps around a lot.

Shoe size
Very large. Will never need to buy snow shoes.
Favourite food
Don’t know, haven’t tried them all yet.
Favourite cocktail
Mojito, if made well.
Favourite quote
“Not everything which is obvious is true.”
Ironing; would rather buy a new shirt. Doesn’t like children much either – although on toast, possibly.